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Providing business advice for those who have claimed furlough or bounceback loans. A lot of businesses will be caught out similarly to football clubs that don't follow financial fair play (FFP) rules. The story is similar with HMRC. A lot of businesses see going into liquidation as the answer to solving their debts but that's not the case and you can still be pursued.

This webinar focusses on the following:

1. Furlough Claims

2. HMRC and Furlough claims

3. Furlough tax consequences

4. Furlough Fraud

5. Taking the boing out of Bounce back Loans

6. Director’s loan Account

7. Contentious Insolvency

This webinar was presented by:

Marco Piacquadio - Partner, Restructuring Advisory

Jesminara Rahman - Tax Dispute Expert, Ex-HMRC, Director at Tax Resolute Limited

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