The story of the tax investigation case that got lost in time!
September 9, 2022
Tax Investigations

The story of the tax investigation case that got lost in time! Ten years in fact! Do you think delaying is a bonafide tactic? I have just taken on a case that was opened by HMRC in 2012!

The previous agents used delaying tactics thinking this would frustrate HMRC into a settlement.

- Yes HMRC has criteria and targets to meet in regard to aged or old cases.

- Or when a caseworker inherits an old case and it’s not contributing to their stats, they will try to close the case to a quick, but reasonable resolution.

-  Unfortunately in this case, there was no constructive approach only delaying tactics.

- Now the taxpayer has been pushed right upto the wire and there’s a scheduled tribunal hearing.

- When the process is that far down and HMRC has already committed their resources, they will follow due process and commit to the tribunal hearing.

- Throughout the case, none of the agents have put across any reasonable defence of the client’s case so he has not received a fair representation.

- The last agent used the client’s poor health as a defence not to have the tribunal hearing without relating it to the case. This approach does not work.

- The client has spent a considerable amount in the 10 years on professional fees, but no proper assessment of the case has taken place.

- Instead the previous agents have used delaying tactics and wasted the client’s time and money.

- It’s unbelievable that it has been ongoing for 10 years.

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