Can HMRC ask you to withdraw an appeal?
September 7, 2021

Can HMRC ask you to withdraw an appeal? The taxpayer has submitted an appeal against HMRC’s tax assessment. HMRC thinks the case is weak and asks the taxpayer/agent for further clarification of the grounds of appeal or to withdraw the appeal. Can HMRC do this?This is exactly what the caseworker asked me to do on one of my cases last week. I know what I should do, but a taxpayer or agent may not. So it will be interesting to see the outcome of the poll.I will provide further clarification in a following post on how you should respond to HMRC.

HMRC asks the taxpayer to withdraw the appeal against a £62,000 tax assessment as the case is weak. What should you do?

Withdraw the appeal


Ask why? If valid withdraw


Refuse to withdraw appeal


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